Diversity Policy


Broadview Cooperative is committed to fostering an environment of understanding and respect. The purpose of this policy is to articulate the high value we place upon community diversity and inclusive environments that are respectful and welcoming to all.

Policy Statement

Broadview Cooperative recognizes and affirms the dignity of those in our community, regardless of heritage, education, beliefs, race, income, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, abilities or any other rights of individuals that are supported by legislation. Broadview Cooperative embraces and complies with the:

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;

Canadian Human Rights Act;  and

The BC Human Rights Code

We encourage the community to recognize, respect, and embrace each individual.  We believe that by working together we can move from the acknowledgement of diversity and inclusion in our respective core values, structures, procedures and guidelines to enabling an environment that is supportive, accessible, and equitable in its practices.